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Thus, the film Founding Fathers started to square up to the challenges of recouping their assets, which gradually became practically an task that is impossible an anthem they constantly rendered much to the vexation of prospective financers. They counted their losses and licked their wounds suffered in the monetary struggle with every film they circulated. The deluge of VCRS into the 80's created a paradigm shift from the Cine towards the VHS structure, which made productions easier, faster and cheaper by a milestone compared to the previous. Cinema homes along with other Exhibition centers were finally turn off and the Baton of Cine movie making slipped through the fingers of this Founding founders because they attempted to hand within the film baton towards the generation that is next the stipulated Baton Exchange Zone. The imagine being a re-nowned Movie Industry had been shattered whenever movement associated with the Film Relay cycle had been broken.

Residence Videos were produced which served instead of the cinemas, plus the true title naturally stems from the fact you could seat within the comfort of your house and watch the flicks manufactured in the VHS format via your VCR. Film Makers capitalized in the gains of the Home Video concept offered, and began movies that are producing the Yoruba language because the way of communication. However, the year "1992" has overtime been commonly accepted since the triggering duration of Residence movie productions, with Ken Nnebue's "surviving in Bondage" said to be the first film made for commercial purposes utilizing the Igbo/English language.
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There was in fact a flourishing movie industry before he came on board, so ken could not have begun it.
The confusion stems from the Censors board associated with whose hands were amputated by the Law it drew its powers from, (1963/64 Cinematograph Law and Regulations) day. The powers conferred on it to manage the Industry failed to extend to "Residence Video". The National that is present Film Video Censors Board (NFVCB) failed to occur till 1994. With this raging problem, Late Alade Armoire produced movies such as for instance Ekun, Omije (pts 1-3), Obirin Asiko, Ayo ni o, Adun, Orire which were released to your public between 1985 and 1991.

Ken Nnebue nevertheless insists that his movie "surviving in Bondage" was the very first Residence Video movie made for commercial purposes. His stand on the matter is pretty shaky, having before the manufacturing of staying in Bondage sponsored commercial movies in Yoruba language such as Ina Ote, Aje N'iyami as well as others. Let's remember the barrage of Yoruba television dramas which were mass produced on VHS tapes and offered to your public before 1992. One can't fail to point out the famous Eddie Ugbomah's film "The Great effort" (1989), which would have made history because the 1st Nigerian cine movie in the video tape format to have been censored by the defunct Federal Board of Film Censors (FBFC) based on a "special concession" granted him formally by the permanent assistant of this Federal Ministry of Information and heritage in those days.

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