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homemade deodorantI've spent the last several years trying innumerable natural deodorants and have only found a couple that even come close to getting the job done. I've tried adding it to an old deodorant container, but had to keep it in the fridge and didn't like putting on cold deodorant. Or even reduce the baking soda amount, just to see if less baking soda would help. No previous edible or chewable deodorant product appears to have succeeded in getting much of a hold on the market, he added. Just leave the clay out (although it's a great staple ingredient to invest in).

Id advise diabetics to find a substitute for corn/arrowroot starch and use tea tree essential oil as its an antifungal. This worked wonderfully in the beginning, then the baking soda became too much and actually made my underarms raw and inflamed. Smells great, never need to reapply in a day, and this recipe fills 2 old deodorant containers. It's a vegetable wax that is supposed to make a great substitute for beeswax in natural recipes. I've just made it, melting the 2T coconut oil; and adding about 3 drops castor oil like I read somewhere, if not here. If you don't want to make your own deodorant, you can buy magnesium based deodorant here I love that there is a product on the market that is non-toxic and contains magnesium. He quit all deodorant and now just uses pure aloe vera gel and it works wonders for him, but we both can't wait to try this. Others have luck with a crystal deodorant that you can find at health food stores.

Add a few drops to your favorite homemade deodorant spray spray cleaners and spritz the mixture on areas that need particular antibacterial attention, like bathrooms and kitchens. You can try limiting the amount you put in - some people use JUST coconut oil, so with the tea tree, clay and arrowroot, you may get good coverage. Jo- You can buy virgin (unrefined) coconut oil in the natural section of most stores. Do not apply any deodorant on skin until the redness and irritation have ceased.

It's important to note that just because an ingredient is natural, it does not mean that some people won't react to it. So if you do find your home-made deodorant irritates you, experiment with different ingredients until you hit upon a combination that works for you.

Hi. I've started using a paste of baking SODA mixed with water and while it works great—-even though I still sweat (it's natural, right?!) there's no smell at all—it can be a bit messy to apply and I end up with white clumps on my counter and/or floor.

I am wanting to find out if there is any type of purified baking soda out there somewhere to try. I have added spruce in the form of its essential oil because I like combining slightly masculine, woody scents with sweet flowery, feminine scents. Out of the many coconut oils I've tried from other companies I think Tropical Traditions is the best. At first I thought it was the baking soda but for me it turned out to be Shea butter. Add a few drops to a gallon of water when mopping your white tile floors , or use it with your homemade laundry detergent to brighten white clothes. The powder deodorant works just as well unscented, so the essential oils are mostly for fragrance/aromatherapy.

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