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Are The UPVC Doors And Windows Better Than Wooden For Aluminium Windows And Doors?

Are The UPVC Doors And Windows Better Than Wooden For Aluminium Windows And Doors?

All three of these have benefits that one needs to consider but, ultimately, it comes down to personal taste, fenestration and budget. If you are having trouble deciding, have a look at the pros and cons of wood, aluminium and uPVC below to help you make an informed choice.

Wooden windows and doors offer warmth and beauty. As with most natural elements used in building our homes, wood requires attention and care. If treated correctly, wood will last for many years. It is very important to ensure that your wooden windows and doors are sealed with the correct product, in the correct manner, BEFORE installation. Paying attention to this detail will ensure that your wooden windows and doors last and last. Windows made from quality timbers by specialist joineries are hard to beat on most levels.

Advantages of wood:

Wood is aesthetically pleasing
Wooden doors and windows can be customised
Wood has good natural insulation properties
Wooden doors and windows are energy efficient
Wooden doors and windows come in a variety of finishes
Wood is stylish
Disadvantages of wood:

Wooden doors and windows require regular maintenance
Wood is more expensive than aluminium after glazing and painting or varnishing
Aluminium windows and doors:

Aluminium is the ideal medium for windows and doors in India homes. The major problem with the aluminium systems available in India are its quality. To reduce cost the manufactures compromise on the quality of the material used and the finishing, otherwise a good quality Aluminium system is available all over the world comes with unlimited range of colours and sizes. When installed correctly, aluminium windows and doors will meet all your environmental regulations. Heat loss can be kept to a minimum with the correct glazing choice for your aluminium windows and doors.

Advantages of aluminium:

Aluminium is currently the most cost-effective option in Indian market
Aluminium doors and windows are customisable - particularly for unusual openings
Aluminium comes in 4 standard colour options and an endless variety of custom colours
Aluminium windows and doors are easy to install
Aluminium is virtually maintenance free
Aluminium windows and doors have a modern, streamlined design
Aluminium will not rot or perish
Disadvantages of aluminium:

Low quality Aluminium frames have air leakages and it is not energy efficient
Low quality Aluminium frames are not suitable for High-rise as they cannot take high wind Pressure.
uPVC windows and doors

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is relatively new to the Indian building industry as a material for windows and doors, but has been used in Europe for many years. The energy rating when using uPVC is very advantageous and it has excellent insulating qualities - particularly in acoustic environments. At the moment, painted uPVC windows and doors are expensive in SA but, if you are choosing white for your windows and doors, this will be very competitive if comparing like with like (same sections, hardware choice and quality) to wood and aluminium.

Advantages of uPVC:

uPVC has excellent insulation properties resulting in high energy efficiency.
uPVC windows and doors come in many attractive designs.
uPVC windows and doors carry long warranties
uPVC windows and doors offer a tilt and turn, Lift and slide, Fold and slide etc..options
uPVC is maintenance free
uPVC extrusions can be recycled
uPVC systems and available in various colours are most popular in wooden shades in India
uPVC systems Fold and slide and Lift and slide are built for wide opening and can fill up large spaces most effectively
Disadvantages of uPVC:

At the moment, uPVC windows and doors are seen to be more expensive than wood and aluminium in India, since the way these products are compared by the layman is usually flawed. There are more cost effective ranges available, and these offer a reasonable alternative.

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